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Aluminum Windows, Are They Really That Bad?

For anyone who is in the market for replacement windows or if you are comparing different home improvement projects and currently have aluminum windows and might done any research regarding light weight aluminum windows surely you’ve come across a few information at least a little bit of information. Apparently the only information out there is about exactly how bad they are. In fact you would be hard pressed to find any positive information about aluminum windows on the web, and the question I get most from my do it yourself clients is, “Are they really as bad as they make them in order to be? ”

Unfortunately the answer is definitely, “It depends. ” I know you had been hoping for a quick and easy answer however the fact remains that it really does depend on what’s important to you. If you want a quick answer so you can move on to a more interesting topic then, no, aluminum windows aren’t as bad as most people make them out to be, in fact , there are a lot of pro’s when it comes to aluminum windows and depending on your situation, they may surpass the cons.

Pro #1 – Structurally, aluminum is the sturdiest substance to make windows out of. If you leave a piece of white aluminum window body material out in the sun in Death Valley for 20 years, other than a few dust and debris, wipe it down and it is going to look the identical as it did 20 years ago. We doubt you can say that about vinyl windows and you definitely can’t say that about wood. PVC Vinyl windows are getting better and better continuously but no matter how many UV blockers they put it the resin, there is certainly only so much abuse a vinyl fabric window can take.

Pro#2 – Large windows are a possibility with light weight aluminum. Due to the structural soundness of aluminum, virtually the sky is the restrict when it comes to window sizes. That’s why skyscrapers are made with aluminum windows; the thing is there is no such thing as vinyl or wood windows in skyscrapers. So if you’re building a large custom made home or are remodeling your home and want some big extensive windows, you will most likely be pressed towards aluminum otherwise your dimensions will be limited.
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With a very few minor exceptions almost all commercial building is done with aluminum windows or storefronts. Very rarely will you walk in to a 7-11 or grocery store and see a wood or vinyl doors. They are aluminum because aluminum is proven to last the longest of most available choices. You will see fiberglass house doors in some commercial buildings and indeed fiberglass is almost as impervious towards the elements as aluminum, however , in many designers opinions, aluminum has a better finish and fiberglass still needs maintenance such as painting or discoloration.

Pro#3 – Aluminum windows would be the more cost effective choice, at least as an preliminary investment is concerned. Of course there are different quality levels and yes Brand name A window may cost more than Brand name B Vinyl window, however for comparable levels of quality, aluminum windows would be the more cost effective. For example , Milgard Windows, cheapest price window line is their aluminum window. The glass which makes up most of the window is the same across all products, but the aluminum screen is the cheapest window they offer.

Pro#4 – You usually have more color choices with aluminum. Colored vinyl home windows are not quite ready for mass manufacturing yet, especially in extreme climates such as southern Nevada, Arizonand the Ca desert. Many window manufacturers will not sell their white or color vinyl in the desert let alone a colored version. With wood home windows you get many color choices, but once again it is the aluminum on the exterior this is a different color. Aluminum windows are usually pretty much the only window I would trust in a black or dark brown color in high temperature regions. Aluminum could be easily painted to match any colour you like at a reasonable cost. This is the reason you still see them in big custom homes, because they are the only windowpane that gives you the color and dimension options often needed when designing a sizable custom home.

So as you can see, there are a great number of positives, so why do they get such a bad rap? Well there is certainly only one real negative when it comes to light weight aluminum windows and it’s a big one especially nowadays.

Con#1 – They are incredibly inefficient when it comes to thermal energy defense. Energy efficiency is a major topic these days and if you want to sell a product you had better make sure that it is energy efficient or else it is doomed. Therefore all contending products continuously tout how inefficient they are and how energy efficient, vinyl, wood and fiberglass are. So there is nothing to say about that, the fact is yes, light weight aluminum windows aren’t as energy efficient as the other alternatives.

Metal conducts warmth. If its hot outside and you’re on the inside of your home and feel the frame of the aluminum window it is going to feel hot. Same is true in the winter, the frames are going to be frosty and the aluminum will transfer that temperature difference into your home. Irritating you can do about it. So you have to evaluate if energy efficiency is your main concern. If it is, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing light weight aluminum windows.

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